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Our bespoke training programmes provide attendees with an understanding and awareness of issues surrounding the disabled community through specific information on:

• relevant anti-discrimination and equality legislation

• reasonable accommodations

• government incentives for businesses to hire people with disabilities

• disability etiquette to clarify appropriate language and behaviour

• perceptual awareness exercises that aim to dispel common myths

• disabilities and abilities, focusing on mobility, developmental, sensory issues, and mental health issues

A Universal Design approach to courses at AbilityWise, ensures that diverse learning styles are considered, and a range of pedagogical methods are enforced through our highly interactive course such as through the use of;

• PowerPoint Presentations

• photographic analysis

• simulations

• videos

• etiquette awareness discussions and advice

• Case Studies and

• an anonymous question box to ensure even the most sensitive questions can be discussed and answered

Bespoke training courses are available following a consultation to target areas of relevance to your needs. Courses are a minimum of 3.5 hours long with extended courses up to 20 hours duration available. The extended courses are organised over a number of days or weeks to accommodate your schedule.

Disability Awareness Training in the Workplace and Community Groups.

Disability Awareness training improves customer service for clients with disabilities and creates a more diverse and inclusive workplace to support all staff. By identifying misconceptions and promoting a respectful and inclusive environment, employees attending our courses will gain necessary skills and confidence when interacting with colleagues and customers who have a disability. Promoting equality through Disability Awareness Training, eliminates discrimination and creates an open and welcoming environment.

Our highly interactive courses ensure that training is dynamic and fun with diverse pedagogical methods used to create activities throughout. Scenarios, photographic analysis, simulations, case studies, discussions, and an anonymous question box for example, ensure that training with AbilityWise caters to a diverse audience to create a comfortable, engaging and stimulating programme that allows attendees to question misconceptions while reflecting and evaluating their own practices of inclusion.

Government Funding

Our courses are compliant for funding from The Department of Social Protection. The Disability Awareness Support Scheme (DASS) provides employers in the private sector with 90% funding towards the cost of Disability Awareness Training in the first year and 80% funding in subsequent years up to a maximum of €20,000.

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Disability Awareness Training in Schools

Our Disability Awareness course for schools, promotes inclusion, and cultivates an environment of acceptance of diversity, thus preventing or reducing instances of bullying within the school environment. By identifying and rectifying misconceptions and enhancing a respectful environment, students develop knowledge of significant issues relevant to those within the disabled community and gain confidence in their interactions. Students learn both independently and within groups in a fun but sensitive manner. As tutors delivering our courses also have an invisible disability, the course is relatable, and students are provided with an opportunity to ask questions directly to someone with a disability. This also ensures the increased comfort of students with disabilities in attendance of the course. Courses are a minimum of 3.5 hours long with extended courses up to 20 hours duration available and organised with a schedule to suit you. Bespoke courses can be tailored to match the needs within your school.

Transition Year Programme

At AbilityWise we have a tailored program, designed specifically with Transition Year students in mind. Simulations and role play make this course highly interactive and encourages participation. 

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Disability Sensitivity Reading Service

Combining two passions, literature, and disability awareness, AbilityWise provides Disability Sensitivity Reading to authors, playwriters and jounalists. Providing a holistic analysis of the authenticity of representation of disabilities in manuscripts, AbilityWise, assesses accuracy and sensitivities to prevent misrepresentation and negative stereotypes through inaccurate portrayals. AbilityWise’s sensitivity reading service provides advice and guidance to ensure that authentic representations are rendered through assessing language and terminology, stereotypes, story plot and the accurate portrayal of characters who have a disability. Our sensitivity readers have both personal and professional experiences of disabilities. Detailed reports are provided with feedback and recommendations. Afterwords are also available upon request.

World Wide Service

At AbilityWise we have worked with authors, journalists and publishers from Ireland, UK, Canada, Hawaii and mainland USA. Through the use of technology, we are now available to offer our Sensitivity Reading Services to clients world wide.

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